Continuing Agent Training

Continuing Agent Training is for all agents, new and experienced, looking to brush up on the basics or stay on top of changes and updates to our KW technology. There are typically 3 to 4 classes a week in Lexington.

All agents are welcome to attend classes in either locations and no registration or advance notice is required. NOTE: Please bring your laptop to tech related classes.

The Continuing Agent Training schedule is always posted on the MC Intranet or in the Daily Digest. Please be sure to check the MC Intranet Calendar or Daily Digest for the most recent schedule. Date, time and subject matter change regularly.

Market Center Locations

Keller Williams Greater Lexington
2700 Old Rosebud Rd Ste.250 | Lexington, KY 40509

Continuing Agent Training Classes

1 – Branding Yourself
Branding to separate yourself from the competition. Our personal brands are in the spotlight everyday for everyone to see online. Are you putting your best foot forward? Maybe it’s time for some personal branding. Will discuss how to define your brand, and become the expert, establish a presence and generate brand awareness through networking.

2 – Open Houses
Public and Brokers Open Houses. Learn how to hold a public open house for maximum results which include getting qualified buyer leads and SELLER leads. Will discuss how to prepare, what to do the day of, follow up and safety. Will share techniques to generate both buyer and seller leads. Will also review procedures for holding a Brokers Open House.

3 – Buyers Consultation
Working with buyers and the initial buyers consultation. Will discuss best practices for qualifying, showing homes and handling typical buyer objections and concerns. Will also review the initial buyer consultation/buyer presentation and what should be discussed at the first meeting.

4 – Business Plan and Goals
Developing a business plan and setting Goals. A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success and is a statement of set goals, the reasons they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. Learn how to create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.

5 – Real Estate Documents
Real Estate Documents. Will discuss all the real estate documents required to list and sell single family properties. Some documents are required by KY laws to be part of every contract and other need to be completed in a very specific way. Much of this class   will focus on the sales contract and what you need to know to protect your client and yourself.

6 -Multiple Bids
Multiple Bid Process at KW. Multiple bids are not uncommon and often create serious challenges for both buying and selling agents. Its also very difficult situation for the clients. The process is usually different with each multiple bid situation. Learn the KW guidelines and procedures for handling this situation for both the listing agent and buyers agent.

7 – Rentals
Rentals listings, working with tenants and renters. Learn the best practices and procedures for listing rental properties, dealing with tenants and the LBAR forms. Will also discuss working with renters, showing rentals properties and how to write a lease.

8 – Buying and Selling Process
The Buying and Selling Process from Contract to Close. Learn what to expect during your first listing and sale. Will discuss the entire buying and selling process from beginning to end. Understanding your role and the tasks you’ll be expected complete is critically important. If you’re new or haven’t had a listing or sale, this is for you.

9 – Listing Appointment and Presentation
The listing appointment from beginning to end. Be prepared for your next listing appointment. Will review and explain the KW Listing Presentation which is in Power Point and on our shared drive. Will discuss the entire listing appointment process including taking control of the appointment, how to deliver your marketing presentation, delivering the price opinion, handling objections and closing techniques..

10 – CMA
Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Learn how to create a CMA to establish market value and a recommended listing price for sellers. Will discuss the various methods available to create a CMA,  the CMA reports in GSMLS and how to deliver the price to seller. Often, a seller may feel their house is worth more than it really is. Learn some techniques to help overcome this obstacle.

11 – e-Edge myContacts and Database
The myContacts portion of eEdge is your Database and Contact Management System and is also the foundation of your business. Setting up a database is the most important tasks for all agents to complete now!

myContacts is a powerful contact management system designed to keep all of your contacts, leads and clients organized. When adding contacts to the database, you can included complete contact information, create groups for organizing contacts, set reminders to follow-up, attach stay in touch campaigns, send listing alerts, blast emails, postal mail and much more.

In this class, you will be given an overview of myContacts then learn how to create groups, add contacts, set reminders, set up listing alerts, search for contacts and send email messages.

Please bring your laptop and be ready to access you myKw account.

12 – eEdge myMarketing and Campaigns
Use the pre-built marketing campaigns in e-Edge to stay in touch with your database, sphere of influence and haven’t mets. Learn how to apply staying in touch, branding and marketing campaigns in just a few simple steps. Areas covered:

  • Explain the different types of campaigns including 8×8, 33 Touch and 12 Direct
  • Explain the difference between interval and date campaigns
  • Select contacts and/or groups of contact
  • Learn how to attach contacts and groups to 8×8, 33 Touch and 12 Direct campaigns
  • How to add, delete and manage existing campaigns

13 – eEdge myTransactions and Dotloop
myTransactions, powered by DotLoop, is the KW paperless document management system. All documents are stored on Dotloop’s cloud server allowing agents to share, sign and collaborate with clients and co-agents.

  • Overview of myTransactions how to access your account
  • Where to access video tutorials and phone support
  • How to access the forms/documents library
  • How to start a loop
  • How to add documents to a loop
  • How to add contacts to a document for an e-signature
  • How to complete a Dotloop form/contract
  • How to sign documents and share with clients

14 – KW Mobile App
Each KW agent now has a mobile property search app that can be branded with your own contact information in order to grow your real estate business.  And, it’s the only mobile app where YOUR real estate leads go into YOUR real estate database. In this class, you will learn how to setup and use your KW Mobile App to generate, route and respond to leads.