Create Your Database in eEdge Workshop


This workshop will teach you how to use “Sheets” in your KW Google Drive account to create your initial contact database which will be imported into your eEdge database (also known as myContacts)

Workshop 1 – Creating Your Contact List

  • How to access your KW Google Drive suite of apps
  • Create, name and save spreadsheets
  • Add contact information to your spreadsheets
  • Save the “Import Contacts” spreadsheet template from eEdge to your Google Drive
  • Copy and paste your contact information into the eEdge “Import Contacts” template

Workshop 2 – Importing Your Contacts into eEdge

  • Create “Groups” in your eEdge Database.
  • Import your Contacts spreadsheet into eEdge
  • Add contacts to Groups (Sphere of Influence, Farm, Past Clients, Book Club, etc….)
  • Designate contact type ( Buyer, Seller, Buyer and Seller, etc….)
  • How to find your contacts in eEdge
  • How to manually add a contact into eEdge

When you attend the workshop, please bring the following items with you:

  • Laptop—with power supply—and the ability to connect to the Internet
  • Login information for
  • Your email address (
  • List of your contacts on paper or electronic format
  • eEdge Database Quick-Start Help Guide (electronic or printed)
  • Download the eEdge Import Template below.


Download File