Zillow now owns Trulia and the new name of the combined companies is now Zillow Group. The Zillow and Trulia websites will continue to be separate, for now. The LBAR and the KWLS supplies your listing data to Zillow Group, then Zillow Group publishes your listings to the Zillow and Trulia websites.

All agents should create a free agent profile on both Zillow and Trulia. When creating your Zillow and Trulia profiles, be sure to use the same email address you used in you LBAR profile. If you have not done so already it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT you “release” your email for export in the LBAR by following the instructions below.

All listing data feeds to Zillow and Trulia directly from the LBAR. You MUST make a simple update to your LBAR profile for the feed to work correctly. This update will “release” your email address for export along with the data feed. Zillow/Trulia uses your email address to associate (auto-claim) your listings with your Zillow/Trulia profile.

To ensure your listings are being syndicated to Zillow, Trulia and the Listhub network of over 350 sites, please make certain you have completed steps 1 through 4.

  1. Ensure your KWLS account is “Listhub Enabled”
  2. Setup your LBAR Profile
  3. Create an agent Profile on Zillow
  4. Create an agent Profile on Trulia

IMPORTANT: Use the SAME email address for all profiles

Step 1 – Ensure KWLS is Listhub Enabled

Login to myKW.com then select TECHNOLOGY > KWLS. This will open the KWLS in a new window. Ensure the “Listhub Enabled” checkbox is selected. If it is not, go ahead and select it. The page will update automatically. You can now close the page. See images below.



Step 2 – Setup Your LBARProfile

Your listings WILL NOT appear until you “release” your email by following the written or numbered image instructions below.

Login to the MLS, Simply navigate to Admin-> Modify Profile >  select the checkbox to Export, and Update. User will need to Save.

Screenshot (90)

Screenshot (91)

Step 3 – Zillow Profile

Step 4 – Trulia Profile

Best Practices

  • Update or enhance your Realtor.com profile page
  • Use the SAME email address for all profiles
  • IDX is automatic and no action is required by agents
  • Additional listing information and photos should be added to the KWLS not Zillow or Trulia
  • This is a link to information about Listhub, IDX and Syndication. Its worth the time to read
  • This is a link to the publishers Listhub syndicates

The LBAR sends the listing data to Zillow Group every 4 hours. The GSMLS also sends the listing data to the KWLS via the “Listhub Connector” every 12 to 24 hours. Once the KWLS receives the data from the GSMLS, the KWLS resends the data to the the Zillow Group and overwrites all data in the initial feed.

This is important because any changes made directly in Zillow or Trulia will be overwritten by the KWLS data.

This means if you want to add additional information to the listing description, photos or property details, all additional information should be added to the KWLS not Zillow or Trulia.

One of the major advantages using the KWLS to add additional remarks is you are allowed to add your name, email, phone and website address into the property description field.

A good way of making it easy for a user to contact you is to add your contact information at the beginning of the property description similar to the example below.

Official Listing of “Agent Name” | agentname@kw.com | 973-123-1234 | www.AgentName.kwrealty.com |