New Agent “To Do” First 60 Days

New Agent “To Do List”

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Help Information

  • HELP INFORMATION: Go to for a complete list of support and help information

Initial Setup

  • Receive license from state
  • LBAR training at board
  • Receive LBAR ID and access to LBAR
  • Purchase a Supra Key to open lock boxes from the MLS board
  • Purchase lock boxes from mls board
  • Order business cards – see MCA
  • Order signs – see MCA
  • The MCA staff will coordinate the setup and activation of eEdge and Dotloop accounts and provide access to myKW. This is where KW agents access all KW accounts and resources including eEdge and Dotloop
  • Schedule an appointment with Stuart or Brian. They are our Tech Support Vendor and need to install printer drivers on all laptops to access to our private wifi network. This will allow wirelessly printing from within the office. Phone 859.721.212
  • Sync phone and online calendars to the Market Center Calendar
  • Create your Value Proposition and Resume for your “About Me” page


  • Attend Ignite Lite New Agent Training  (Formerly STARS)
  •    Session 1) I got my license, now what?
  •    Session 2) Lead Generation
  •    Session 3) Working With Buyers
  •    Session 4) Working With Sellers
  •    Session 5) Real Estate Document
  • Attend training webinars from
  • Practice and Learn scripts – see KW University Ignite
  • Attend Continuing Agent Training

Goals and Schedule

  • Select a production objective for the next 12 months (# of transactions or income)
  • Decide which days to work and days off
  • Create a weekly schedule by time blocking work tasks and time off
  • Each day, follow your schedule
  • NOTE: 15 hours per week of lead generation should be included in a weekly schedule.


  • Log onto the LBAR
  • Update and/or complete agent profile
  • Set up a personal Hotsheet
  • Run a quick search
  •  Set up an auto-email alert


  • Create a free profile on Zillow
  • Create a free profile on Trulia
  • Create a free profile on
  • Subscribe to (optional)


  • Log onto myTransactions/DotLoop
  • Complete your profile information
  • Watch the Getting Started tutorials
  • Create a practice loop


  • Read and understand the Contract of Sale documents
  • Read and understand the Listing Agreement documents
  • All documents are in Dotloop under Templates

Activities and Tasks to Complete

  • Go to brokers open houses on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see inventory. This is critical to learn about the real estate market and understand pricing
  • Co-host a public open house
  • Customize and edit profile and marketing material
  • Create a Buyers Presentation in eEdge or Michael Lewis Marketing Suite
  • Create a Listing Presentation in eEdge or Michael Lewis Marketing Suite
  • Learn to use myContacts database in eEdge
  • Learn to use my Marketing in eEdge
  • Add Sphere of Influence (SOI) to eEdge database or other database program
  • Send announcement or “I’ve Moved” cards
  • Create a farm area of about 300 homes in a neighborhood
  • Create the mailing list for farm area
  • Log into Toolkit CMA (Subscription Needed)
  • Schedule the 1 hour training session from ToolkitCMA

Marketing Material

  • Log into Michael Lewis Marketing System (Subscription Needed)
  • Complete profile
  • Watch webinars
  • Download Powerpoint listing presentation and customize (or use eEdge)
  • Optional – Hire Sarah to create marketing material

Help and Support 

  • KW Main Support: 512-306-7191 or Email:
  • myTransactions/DotLoop: 513-257-0558
  • LBAR Agent Support: 859.276.3503